Welcome to the FCA Practitioner Panel – a statutory body representing the interests of the financial services industry in the UK regulatory framework.

We have an important statutory role in providing early input and challenge to the policies and practices of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), whose job is to ensure that UK financial markets function well.

Members are selected as senior representatives from each of the major regulated sectors.

The views of the Practitioner Panel are independent of the FCA and our work is coordinated with the FCA's other Practitioner Panels. We liaise regularly with trade associations, but do not seek to duplicate their work.

Our Panel is part of the system that the FCA has to set up to make and maintain effective arrangements for consulting practitioners and consumers on the extent to which its general policies and practices are consistent with its general duties, as set out in the Financial Services Act 2012

Consumer Responsibility Research

In early 2013, the Practitioner Panel commissioned independent research to consider firms' and consumers' views around the concept of consumer responsibility, to identify any gaps between them and to suggest ways in which these might be addressed.
    More information on the Practitioner Panel Research.

    Practitioner Panel - Survey of firms' views of regulation

    The FCA Practitioner Panel published the results of its Survey of regulated firms, undertaken by GfK, on 3rd May 2013. The results highlight three key findings for action from the FCA:
  • More work is needed to support the FCA’s competition objective;
  • Communication with firms needs to improve;
  • Firms want clearer and more predictable regulation.
  • More information on the Practitioner Panel Surveys and press release.