Surveys and Research

The Practitioner Panel and its predecessor Panel were committed to undertaking a regular Survey of Regulated Firms to build up a continuous picture of how the industry’s view of the regulatory framework is developing. In addition, the Panel occasionally undertakes independent research to inform its views and enable it to gain evidence and data to support its opinions.

Consumer Responsibility Research

In early 2013, the Practitioner Panel commissioned independent research to consider firms' and consumers' views around the concept of consumer responsibility, to identify any gaps between them and to suggest ways in which these might be addressed.

Survey of Regulated Firms

The Practitioner Panel published its latest Survey of the views of regulated firms on 3 May 2013.  This Survey has focused on the views of regulated firms on the expectations of the effectiveness of the FCA.  The survey work was led by Joe Garner, who was Chairman of the Financial Services Practitioner Panel until the end of March 2013.

Previous surveys of the FSA's Regulatory Performance are listed here:

Cost of Regulation Survey

In 2005, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the Practitioner Panel jointly commissioned and governed a comprehensive survey into the cost of regulation.

Cost of Regulation Study